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    I just took over a project from another development company. They use dlls that use COM+. These dlls work fine on my computer, which runs Windows 2000, but when I try to put them on the development machine, which runs Windows NT, they don&#039t work. I tried putting the COM+ dll on that machine, but it wouldn&#039t register either.<BR>I was told that there is something that you can download to get COM+ to work on Windows NT, but I can&#039t find it anywhere. Does anyone have a link to where I can download this or know of any way to get COM+ to work on an NT box?

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    My $.02 is that this is probably the result of the MTS to COM+ name-changing Microsoft did when going from NT to 2000. If you get your development environment on your test server (or get an NT dev environment) and change the reference in the code from "COM+ Services Type Library" to something like (I&#039m running Win2K so I don&#039t have it in front of me) "Microsoft MTS Services Type Library", this should get around it.<BR><BR>I also seem to recall Shelley Powers writing an article on migrating NT 4 apps to Windows 2000 (which gave the reverse of the scenario I&#039m mentioning, but also did it with a lot more precision and authority and such). URL:<BR><BR>HiH<BR>SPG

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    Check out the references of the dll&#039s if you have the source code of them. Also try registering them using MTS. Hopefully, things should work! Good Luck!!

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