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    Timothy Guest

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    I was wondering if their is an easy was to update a recordset<BR>once it has been expressed as a form.<BR>Example:<BR>1)I perform an SQL query and get 10 records back,<BR>each record having 1 field.<BR>2)Using a &#039while not eof&#039 loop in asp I write the recordset to<BR>a form as default values to input tags. (I now have a single form with 10 inputs holding values from the origional recordset).<BR>3) (..edit 10 values as appropriate..)<BR>4) I would like to be able to update the recordset with<BR>the click of the submit button.<BR><BR>Problem: Do I need to loop through all the inputs and update<BR>each corresponding record individually, or can I do it all at once?<BR><BR>Thank you,<BR><BR>-Tim

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    Curtis Guest

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    you can do each "field" individually for sure(if you don&#039t know how ask again..)<BR><BR>and I&#039m pretty sure you can do it all at once.. when you use request.form in an ASP page, i think it is an array of "fields" so you might be able to say request.form(x) = rs.fields.item(x)<BR>but if the form is not an object when you request it in, then you probably will have more trouble.. <BR>(if more explaination is needed just ask..I try to keep it short when possible :)

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