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    amigo Guest

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    Here is a scenario, I have a couple of questionnaire pages that I want to rotate depending on which one was last accessed, example, if questionnaire 5 was the last to be accessed then i want the next user to answer questionnaire 6 and so on. i dont want the users to be aware of this i just want to rotate the set of questionnaires, right now i only have 6 sets of questionnaire and i want the users get questionnaire 1 again once it reaches questionnaire 6.

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    Sid Guest

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    I have made a hit counter that runs from a field in a table , all it does is increment the value by 1 every time the page is accessed.<BR>You could do something similar but make it only go as far as 6 and then set it back to 1.<BR>You could go through a page that performs this before you get to your final page and have it send a variable to change the page before it loads.<BR><BR>Might help<BR><BR>Sid

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