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    Kenni Guest

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    Hi!<BR><BR>I have this idea that I want to tjek the diminsion of an imagefile before it uploads to the server.<BR><BR>To tjek the file I would like to use the eksample "Determing Image Properties through ASP" written by Mike Shaffer.<BR><BR>Now, I know how to tjek an image on the server side, but how do I tjek a file on the client??<BR><BR>Hope someone can help..<BR><BR><BR> <BR>

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    Mike Shaffer Guest

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    Can you guarantee that your users will always be on IE?

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    Kenni Guest

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    Nope....<BR>no guarantee....

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    Shaffer Guest

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    then you can&#039t do it... you have to let them upload and THEN test it on the server. If it fails your params, then you can delete the file and tell the user it was too big, too small, etc.

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    Kenni Guest

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    Hi Mike<BR><BR>hmm..ok that was what i feared.<BR>Im using a access db to hold my files..<BR>So I have to upload the file to the server (without inserting it into the db)<BR>get the dimension...upload the file from the server to the db..delete file on server. Its a pretty heavy job I think.<BR>U know of any ways to get the dimension on an image in a access db??<BR><BR>The reason why I need the dimension is that I want to have a max in higth and width when I show the image on the site. So from the imagedimension I can calculate the correct width and heigth that suits the max.<BR>I know that some components can do this job (AspImage) but these are not free components..<BR>U know of any free components which can create thumbs and img. with max size???<BR> <BR>I wrote U an email about this problem...U dont have to answer it now.<BR><BR>Kenni<BR><BR>

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