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    Conrad Guest

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    Here is the setup:<BR><BR>I have a page that pulls data from a SQL Server 7.0 database. I am using ASP 3.0(Windows 2000). The page is set to pull information from a different *table* depending on what information the user wants.<BR><BR>The problem:<BR><BR>Unless the user hits refresh he will only see the last page that was created. Appearently, a refresh issue.<BR><BR>Attempted sollutions:<BR><BR>I inserted the following code at the top of the page:<BR><BR>Response.CacheControl = "no-cache"<BR>Response.AddHeader "Pragma", "no-cache"<BR>Response.Expires = -1<BR><BR>to no avail.<BR><BR>I am using Session variables to set the table from which to draw the data. I changed this to using query strings. Again, no luck.<BR><BR><BR>Thought(s):<BR><BR>Is a page cached by URL or by say... the title. If it is by title then I can simply change the title per table.<BR><BR>Maybe I should take up nitting.<BR><BR><BR>Thanks for any help that you may render.

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    balletchick Guest

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    There are about 20 things you can try to solve this problem (both on ther server config and in your scripts). But here is a little trick I have used that seems to work EVERY TIME... even if it is a bit fugly...<BR><BR>Add a new param to your querystring (call it whatever you like, but I use FORCEREFRESH) and assign a random value to it every time (e.g. REFRESH=847756). Since the URL is changing, IE (and IE is the biggest culprit when it comes to this problem) will force a &#039real&#039 page load from the server.<BR><BR>Does that make sense? I hope this helps!

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    javawiz Guest

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    I know a simple tip that will do the trick. Insert some random parameter number at the end of the URL, and the client browser will think it&#039s a new URL. For example, instead of using:<BR><BR>http://myserver/getinfo.asp?param1=my_param<BR>change it to:<BR><BR>http://http://myserver/getinfo.asp?param1=my_param&asdf=random_number_her e

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    javawiz Guest

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    Coincidentally, that was the exact same advice I gave.

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