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    Hi..<BR><BR>When using the Interdev MS SOM (Scripting Object Model) / ASP.. and running under IE everything works great.. When running Netscape and submitting a page.."QUERY.ASP" like for a query.. instead of navigating to the results page.. I receive "page not Found".. &#039Navigation&#039 fails under Netscape???<BR><BR>Any ideas... ???<BR><BR>MS says under Net. the _method element may contain an erroneous value.. which causes the redirection attempt to a relative path... their &#039fix&#039 code does not work... any help would be appreciated..<BR><BR>thanks in advance<BR>

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    because Netscape is on the client side, I think that you have some problem in the HTML you generate in your asp.<BR>I&#039m not sure, but I think that Netscape only supports POST method in &#060;form&#062; etc.<BR>It&#039s not too hard to make the files work in both IE and Netscape. Aside from using MS as HTML adviser check <BR> It&#039ll give you some help in using javascript and maybe html in Netscape.

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