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Thread: I would be extremely grateful if someone can help

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    Hi,<BR>I have been asking around for help on form creation and unfortunately i always do not get the full picture but nevertheless i am thankful to those who replied to my thread earlier.<BR>Ok here goes my question ..pls be patient..it can get quite lengthy.<BR>------------------------------------------------------------<BR>1.What do i need to create ASP files? <BR>What i have here are PWS (but it doesnt seem to be working ),<BR>ODBC datasource and MS Access.<BR><BR>2.I am trying to create a search form for my penpals website and would really like my search form to contain categories like age,gender,country, interests and e-mail,snail-mail preferences.<BR>As such i have created a database using MS Access sorted out according to the categories above. I have named by database as &#039penpals.mdb&#039 and my tablename is &#039Details&#039<BR>By giving the names of my database,tablename and the categories i want, i hope that someone can help me with the source code for the 2 ASP files. <BR>Please this is rather urgent to me and i would be really grateful to you. If my problem is solved, i hope that i can send a Thank-you card to you:-)<BR>Thanks in advance!

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    Hi postpac,<BR><BR>Answers:<BR><BR>1) To &#039create&#039 ASP files, you do not need anything other than what came with your operating system. You can use Notepad, you can use WRITE, you can even do &#039COPY CON SCRIPT.ASP&#039 from a DOS command line (if you&#039re a great typist). You may want to look at using a better editor, such as Ultra-Edit... and if you&#039d like to have an all-in-one evironment with context sensitive help, you may want to purchase Visual Studio from Microsoft (I do not like, but that&#039s another story).<BR><BR>1A) To use/test ASP scripts, you need PWS or IIS 3 or higher. Both of these are also free from Microsoft.<BR><BR>2) I would be happy to help write your script, but you need to be more specific in how it works. The best way to start would be to design the search page that your users will see. By default, this will help to define the search methods that will be used.<BR><BR>

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