Hi Friend ,<BR><BR>I would like to use the tree-view control in my "Script" <BR>I use it with the help of Visual Interdev .<BR><BR>For testing I write the following code <BR><BR>&#060;script language = vbscript&#062;<BR><BR>TreeView1.Nodes.Add , , "AAA", "Sagar"<BR>TreeView1.Nodes.Add "AAA", tvwChild, "BBB", "Mohit"<BR><BR>&#060;/script&#062;<BR><BR>My requirement is to get "Mohit" as a child of "Sagar"<BR><BR>like <BR><BR>Sagar<BR> Mohit<BR><BR><BR>If I use the same coding in VB 6.0 then I <BR>get the required result .<BR><BR>But if I view my "Script" in IE Browser then I <BR>get the result as <BR><BR>Mohit<BR>Sagar <BR><BR>Can you please help me in getting the <BR>desired result in IE .<BR><BR>With Regards ,<BR>Mohit.