We have a site with typical query string style urls extracting<BR>articles from a database e.g.<BR><BR> www.mysite.com/show_article.asp?article_id=5001<BR><BR><BR>We are considering making these articles available to search engines<BR> ... that are of course not necessarily happy with query strings ...<BR><BR>We are assuming that this might be done by writing a filter that<BR>provides entry to the site&#039s existing pages for search engines by<BR>mapping the urls to &#039virtual&#039 flat urls e.g.<BR><BR> www.mysite.com/filtered/5001.htm<BR><BR>I assume this is a very standard problem for database driven sites<BR>and therefore have two questions:<BR><BR><BR> 1) does a standard solution to this problem exist?<BR><BR> 2) if not, how easy would it be to do, and could you contact me<BR> if you are interested<BR><BR><BR><BR>Please reply me at laks_veera@yahoo.com<BR>