Image Properties through ASP...HELP!!

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Thread: Image Properties through ASP...HELP!!

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    Kenni Guest

    Default Image Properties through ASP...HELP!!

    Yesterday I read the Article "Determing Image Properties through ASP".<BR>But I can&#039t get it to work.<BR>When i test it, it only returns the file name, file size, modified date. <BR>Missing are the image dimensions and the colors depth.<BR>I searched this message board for solutions and found a post which described an error in the article. But I can&#039t seem to find the fix.<BR><BR>Anyone know this error??<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>

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    Mike Shaffer Guest

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    You could have contacted me directly on this for help.. :)<BR><BR>There are two things I know of which can cause this problem. First, many times the full path is not being passed to the routine. Since you are receiving the filesize and date/time, I assume that is not your problem<BR><BR>Second, you may be using the &#039double-byte&#039 version of Windows (e.g. Japanese, etc.). Is that possible? The routine was written to use the &#039single-byte&#039 version of Windows, and will not work with double-byte versions.<BR><BR>If neither of these are the case, please feel free to contact me via email.<BR><BR> - Mike<BR><BR>

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    Kenni Guest

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    Hi Mike!<BR><BR>It seems like I found the problem.<BR>It was the "full path problem".<BR><BR>Thanks for this great forum,<BR>

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    mike shaffer Guest

    Default RE: Image Properties through ASP...HELP!!

    glad to help!

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