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    Paul Winfield Guest

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    I&#039m using (or attempting to use!) JMail to send mail from a site I&#039m developing. Problem is, it doesn&#039t seem to resolve any smtp host that I specify. The hosts I try to connect to don&#039t require password authentication<BR><BR>Has anyonw had similar problems or is there something obvious I may not have considered?<BR><BR>Thanks, Paul

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    Paul Winfield Guest

    Default Mailing query -solved

    I&#039ve solved the problem, but thought I&#039d mention what caused it in case anyone else has similar troubles.<BR><BR>The development environment I&#039m using uses a proxy server for web access which restricts mail server connectivity, I was trying to connect to various mail servers but the server restricts my machine talking on port 25. Stupid of me to miss it!

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