Symbolic Links when opening Excel-file in ASP

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Thread: Symbolic Links when opening Excel-file in ASP

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    Wim Verbeke Guest

    Default Symbolic Links when opening Excel-file in ASP

    Right now I&#039m working on an ASP-routine that imports data from an Excel-file and places it in the database. The odd thing is: whenever I open the Excel-file (which has been uploaded first) a symbolic link for the file has been created in the root of the webserver. For example:<BR><BR>1) upload E:INETPUBWEBPUBXLTEMPTEST.XLS<BR>2) ASP page loads Excel<BR>3) Excel opens E:INETPUBWEBPUBXLTEMPTEST.XLS<BR><BR>-&#062; New shortcuts have been created:<BR> E:TEST<BR> E:XLTEMP<BR><BR>When I don&#039t open the file in Excel, but upload the file<BR>and load the Excel-Object, the shortcuts won&#039t be created.<BR><BR>This is the code for opening the file:<BR> E:INETPUBWEBPUBXLTEMPTEST.XLS<BR>xlApp.Workbooks.c lose<BR><BR>There are several options for the open-command, but I can&#039t find any documentation for them, except this (got it from the Object Browser in VB):<BR><BR>Function Open(Filename As String, [UpdateLinks], [ReadOnly], [Format], [Password], [WriteResPassword], [IgnoreReadOnlyRecommended], [Origin], [Delimiter], [Editable],[Notify], [Converter], [AddToMru]) As Workbook<BR>Member of Excel.Workbooks<BR><BR>The &#039UpdateLinks&#039 parameter might be the clue, but I tried to set it true/false/0/1 and nothing changed. Has anybody got a solution for this problem? Also, if anyone would have documentation or weblinks for Office-objects, just let me know.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR><BR> Wim.<BR><BR><BR>

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    George Falcone Guest

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    I just ran the following code which I think opens the file with update links set to 0 and ReadOnly as True.<BR>&#060;%<BR>Dim xlApplication<BR>set xlApplication = CreateObject("Excel.Application")<BR>xlApplication upldir,"0","True" <BR>%&#062;<BR>Worksheet name is &#060;%=xlApplication.Application.Cells(2,1).value %&#062;<BR><BR>&#060;%xlApplication.ActiveWorkbook .Saved = True<BR>xlApplication.Application.Workbooks.Close< BR>set xlApplication = nothing%&#062;<BR>File Done.<BR>&#060;/BODY&#062;<BR>&#060;/HTML&#062;<BR>

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    George Falcone Guest

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    Did you get any responce to this. I am trying to do somthing like that. I have done it in a win-cgi vb program but can not seem to do the same thing in asp. I can open the file but am not able to set the updatelinks. Have you been able to do this.

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    David Truxall Guest

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    This is happening to me too. It did not start until we migrated to Win 2000 Advanced Server from an NT 4 Server.<BR><BR>To keep the symbolic links from accumulating I set an advanced permission for the root directory only to deny the anonymous user write permissions. I realize this does not fix the actual problem but at least it keeps the systems guy happy.<BR><BR>Dave Truxall<BR>

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