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    Hi,<BR><BR>when I register a new or modified COM-component on my webserver and then try using it in Visual Interdev, the Intellisense in Visual Interdev doesn&#039t seem to get updated. Therefor I can&#039t see the new methods and/or changed interfaces in my components. <BR><BR>How do you refresh Visual Interdev to show my new/changed objects new/changed interfaces/methods? The same goes for SiteServer actually, because I do&#039nt get any methods by Intellisense from SiteServer in Visual Interdev.<BR><BR>Please help, because as it is now I constantly have to call the component developers to give me the latest interfaces and methods

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    I&#039m not positive but...<BR><BR>Are the updated components on your machine?<BR>You might need to close and reopen VI.<BR><BR>I&#039d love to know if there is a better answer.<BR>:)<BR>

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