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    spring.z Guest

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    I implemented a database-driven login page. I have a problem now:<BR>when a user click a link, such as this: &#060;a href=list2.asp?ID=23&Type=A&Lang=P&#062;go to list2&#060;/a&#062;, and he doesn&#039t login in, I will redirect the user to login.asp page with two parameters like this: login.asp?act=login&url=..., the url should contain the link to list2.asp page with its original parameters. And, when the user login successful, he should be redirect to list2.asp?ID=23&Type=A&Lang=P. How to code it out? TIA.

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    pari Guest

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    dim filename<BR>filename=list2.asp<BR>get the parameters from the link in to some variables<BR>now append the filename with these variables<BR>if login success then<BR>a href=list2.asp?ID=23&Type=A&Lang=P&#062;go to list2&#060;/a&#062;<BR>else<BR>response.redirect login.asp?act=login&url=filename <BR><BR><BR>i hope this solves ur problem<BR>pari

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    spring.z Guest

    Default But it still cann't work correctly!

    Upon your advice, my url used to redirect to the login page like this:<BR> response.redirect login.asp?act=login&url=list2.asp?ID=23&Type=A&Lan g=P<BR><BR>when login successful, I use this to redirect back to list2.asp:<BR>response.redirect Request("url")<BR><BR>But, I can only get this url: list2.asp?ID=23<BR><BR>it still wrong! How to solve it? Thanks.

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