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    Norman Joe Guest

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    I have a customer wanting to sell softcopy publications over the Internet, and want to provide the facility to download selected files once a credit card number has been verified. We can perform the credit card verification easily, but I do not know what we need to do next.<BR><BR>I want to ensure that the user can only download selected documents that they have paid for, without providing access to other documents. I presume we would have to store the document in the database and then retrieve it for download by the user PC.<BR><BR>How can this be done? The server is running Chilisoft ASP, and this may complicate things. Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks.

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    balletchick Guest

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    Hello Norman,<BR><BR>I have done this same thing several times. There are a few different ways to do it.<BR><BR>1) Simplest - don&#039t allow the file for download at all... send it via email once it is purchased. This has the added side-benefit of insuring that you have a valid email address for the buyer (so you can market them later for additional products/services)<BR>2) Easy - keep your documents on the server in a directory where clients cannot access (but the server script can), when the purchase is completed, simply read (binary) the contents of the file (in ASP) and pump-it out to the client (setting the appropriate MIME-headers, e.g. WORD doc, EXCEL spreadsheet, PDF, etc.)<BR>3) Harder, but still OK - Use a component like Flicks AUTHX (, which allows you to control NT filesystem security in your script on a per-user basis. You can do this down to the FILE-LEVEL... so when a user purchases a document, you can set them up with access to that particular file. This is also cool with the Flicks component because you can set an expiration date/time for that access... so users may have 4 hours (or 2 days, etc.) to download the publication after they purchase it, if you desire.<BR><BR>There are other ways, to be sure, but these are ones that I have used successfully.<BR><BR>Hope this helps!<BR>

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