Tables:<BR> Contacts<BR> ContactRef (AutoNumber) [KEY]<BR> AddressRef (See Address Table)<BR> PersonRef (See Person Table)<BR><BR> Person<BR> PersonRef (AutoNumber) [KEY]<BR> Data....<BR><BR> Address<BR> AddressRef (AutoNumber) [KEY]<BR> Data...<BR><BR>--------<BR>What I&#039m trying to do is insert a record into the Address and Person Tables (works fine), then read back the records written and use the key information to populate the Contacts table.<BR><BR>I&#039m currently using DrumBeat 2000 to build the bulk of the pages, and then manipulating the resulting pages in a text editor to try out new ideas.<BR>I think that my problems are probably due to the fact that I cant seem to find any documentation on the ASP event-model.<BR>I&#039m using a DrumBeat function called GetColumnValue to obtain the value written away to the DB (Record written with maintain state ON - assuming this means that the cursor doesnt &#039fly away&#039)<BR>And then another Drumbeat function SetColumnValue to set it.<BR><BR>However ... even with using hard-coded values I&#039m not getting anything written to the DB unless I attach it to the onClick() of the insert button, this is no good however as I cant access the GetColumnValue method from the onClick (I&#039m assuming here that this is because the onClick is processed client-side, and the getvalue is a server-side method)<BR><BR>So ... any ideas on a client-side way of reading the key value back?<BR>OR ... what method/event should I attach my code to so that it gets executed server-side (Drumbeat only allows BeforeOpen() and Server())<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR><BR>Al.