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    Hi all,<BR><BR>Currently, a link in Page A goes to Page B. There is a main frame in Page B which contains another 3 frames in it. Let&#039s call those 3 frames top.htm, middle.htm and bottom.htm. Now, when I click on the link in Page A, I want the middle frame of the main frame in page B to change. The top and bottom frame remains. How do I do this? I was doing something like this to test out.<BR><BR>var correct_frame = 0 + (parent.nav ? 1 : 0);<BR>if(parent.location.href == self.location.href &#124&#124 !correct_frame)<BR> window.location.href = &#039body.html&#039;<BR><BR>In netscape, it loads the correct middle frame but the top and bottom frame does not appear and the page hangs! In IE, it does not work at all. Please help me correct this problem.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Nikki<BR>

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    Suppose the main page in page B is called pageB.asp. Have the link in page A like &#060;A HREF="pageB.asp?middle=body.html"&#062;<BR>The frame definition in PageB.asp will be like this<BR>&#060;FRAME SRC=top.htm&#062;<BR>&#060;FRAME SRC="&#060;%=if request("middle")="" then response.write "middle.htm" else response.write request("middle")%&#062;"&#062;<BR>&#060;FRAME SRC="bottom.htm"&#062;

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