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    Jeff King Guest

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    My problem is that we are trying to keep a session alive through out the application, so we set up a connection to the object, but if the object remains idle for 10 minutes it will end the connection so I set up a session_onstart that would send a command to keep the connection alive. However if no one hits my site in less than 10 minutes it will go idle and lose the connection. I must not lose the connection under no circumstances except if I restart the webserver. I am open for any suggestions, Thank you.<BR><BR>Jeff King.

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    balletchick Guest

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    Hi Jeff,<BR><BR>If you want to keep session information indefinitely, for any number of users greater than 10, then you should NOT be using session variables. Session variables live in server memory, so if you set the session timeout to a &#039very high value&#039, what you are actually doing is allowing your server&#039s memory to be consumed and you will eventually bring the server to it knees.<BR><BR>You should, instead, investigate persisting your session information to a database on the server side (using a small cookie from the user as the key to that information), or use cookies completely (to hold the pertinent info).<BR><BR>Just my 2 pesos worth.

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