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    when i insert "?" into MS access table column of datatype gives error.But the given statement fails only for "?".If i give any other value,the statement execute works fine.I am using this sql statement insert into Transaction ([Transaction Name],[Currently Active Automation Project(if any)],[Posting Status],[Create Id],[Create Date]) values (&#039?????&#039,&#039filing&#039,&#039workinprogr ess&#039,&#039dona&#039,#8/29/00 12:10:26 PM#) <BR>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error &#039 80040e10&#039 <BR>[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver]COUNT field incorrect <BR>/DoAddTransaction.asp, line 150 <BR>

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    Default No real help...

    I saw your msg. But I don&#039t have the foggiest.<BR><BR>It *looks* like it is interpreting your &#039???&#039 data as a "wild card" request. But why?<BR><BR>Have you tried issuing exactly the same SQL statement directly in Access? <BR><BR>I am *not* an Access expert, at all. Sorry.<BR><BR>You *might* check to see if you have the latest ODBC drivers, but other than that...<BR><BR>Hmmm...come to think of it...maybe try connecting to the DB in some other way, so you get slightly different drivers?<BR><BR>Anyway, I&#039m lost. Were I in your shoes I&#039d be just trying various things to see if any help.<BR><BR>

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    see what I mean about complexity that confuses? sigh...<BR>the only handy thing about SQL here is that you can set "many" fields in one statement, but it isn&#039t easier than this:<BR><BR>set oRs("transaction name") = "?????"<BR>set oRs("currently active automation project") = "filing"<BR>set oRs("posting status") = "workinprogress"<BR>set oRs("create id") = "dona"<BR>set oRs("create date") = "#8/29/00 12:10:26 PM#" or just Now()<BR><BR>that is how I would do it. since you know what all the values are.. you could even use a loop to go through the oRs.Fields.Item(x) collection/array.. <BR><BR>(ie.) <BR>dim temp<BR>redim temp(4)<BR><BR>temp(0)="?????"<BR>temp(1)="filing" <BR>temp(2)="workinprogress"<BR>temp(3)="dona"<BR> temp(4)="#8/29/00 12:10:26 PM#"<BR><BR>for loopy = 0 to 4<BR> oRs.Fields.Item(loopy) = temp(loopy)<BR>next<BR><BR>--- end of example --- yes I know it isn&#039t "pretty" but it&#039s simple and easy to read unlike SQL garbage. It wouldn&#039t be that much slower either, since it is such a small amount of code.<BR><BR>If your making a database for 1000&#039s of people to access at a time, I can understand using SQL, but why use it when only a few people are going to access it? It just makes no sense to me... Other than to "learn" SQL for later use, or maybe the access rate of the database will grow as more people find out about your "page" which uses the database, but for our support page that I&#039m working on.. only a few people will be accessing it at a time MAX, and I don&#039t see a problem with that, and using simple VBSCRIPT and a system DSN.<BR><BR>sorry to waste your time brian.. I know you probably already know this stuff.. I&#039m just showing how much simpler it is.. cause I think most of you have forgotten about simplicity and are causing headaches just for efficiency at unimportant times.<BR><BR>good luck.

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