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    Just to get things clear, I&#039m not a fool, and I know that if&#039s, select&#039s, for&#039s, while&#039s, etc need to be ended.<BR>Whenever I run a certain script I get a vbscript compliation error that yields "Expected &#039End&#039 Line 505" where the line number referenced is always the last line on ASP (the same line as the final "%&#062;").<BR><BR>I have several "if" clauses and one "until" loop, and they are all ended appropriately.<BR><BR>The script opens a recordset with 117 fields (from several tables) and adds a new record after doing some error checks that are quite simple, as I handle most of this through client-side javascript. Is there something used in opening a recordset, connection, command, or just a plain &#039ol object that demands an "end?"<BR><BR>I really can&#039t figure out what&#039s wrong.<BR>Thanks.

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    Sorry, but if that says it&#039s a "compilation error" then it simply means that you are, indeed, missing an END IF or equivalent somewhere in your source.<BR><BR>If you are doing an include, did you check the include file for errors of this nature?<BR><BR>If not that, then best I can suggest is start pulling out chunks of code, a bit at a time until the compile error disappears. (To be sure the code doesn&#039t actually RUN and do something nasty, just put a Response.End at or near the top of the page. It will still compile the same way but won&#039t actually do anything.)<BR><BR>What can I say? Even the best eyes sometimes miss the little things. <BR><BR>Good luck!<BR><BR>

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