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    I want to parse out an address that I might receive from a person. <BR><BR>How would I parse out each element of the address into a seperate variable relative to the address format?<BR><BR>For example:<BR>A street address is made up of 6 parts.<BR><BR>Block number: 1234<BR>First geographical direction (if applicable): NW<BR>Street name (if applicable): Main<BR>Street Number (if applicable): 45th<BR>Last geographical direction (if applicable): SE<BR>Street Suffix: Avenue<BR><BR>I want to parse out each element into seperate variable:<BR><BR>blocknumber, geo1, streetname, streetnumber, geo2, streetsuffix<BR><BR>Thanks for the help!

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    If you know the address format beforehand, you can use the split function and use space as a delimiter.

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