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Thread: Retrieving HTML output source before sent to clien

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    I want to read, or store the HTML Source that is sent to a client before it goes to the client or with JavaScript when the User presses a button. <BR>I know you are thinking this is a JavaScript question, however, if I could retrieve the HTML Source before it gets to the User, then that would be fine. <BR>I have Response.buffer=true which means the Server machine processes all the code before it sends the Output to the User. <BR>I want to retrieve that and store it into a variable which I can then send to a function, store procedure, DLL, etc etc.<BR><BR>Presently with IE, I have figured out a way that uses the JavaScript property "outerHTML", which I store in a hidden field.<BR><BR>Example<BR>document.form1.hiddenbox1 .value = document.all.body.outerHTML<BR><BR>however, the command outerHtml does not work in Netscape, as well as the document.all.body. <BR>I would like to be able to store the HTML source in a variable before it gets to a user.<BR><BR>If anyone knows please respond

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    Try some of the third-party components. They will let you do this pretty easily.<BR><BR>Many of them advertise in the banner ads at the top of this page, but go searching the 4Guys site, as well.<BR><BR>

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