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    Can anyone tell me what &#039cross-posting&#039 means? Or why it is considered bad etiquette?

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    Cross-posting is the practice of asking the same question at [roughly] the same time in more than one place.<BR><BR>It is bad "netiquette" because somebody takes time--perhaps a lot of time [look at how long some of my answers become!]--to answer you in one forum only to discover that you got your answer two hours ago in another forum.<BR><BR>By posting to more than one forum (or mailing list or or or) you are wasting other people&#039s time unfairly. Hence, bad netiquette.<BR><BR>Now, if you post in one forum and get no answer in a reasonable time, then go ahead and post to the other place. But if you get an answer in *either* place, be nice to future readers and go say you got the answer by replying to yourself in the other place(s).<BR><BR>What is "reasonable time"? Depends on the activity level where you are posting. In some of the groups I am in, it is *typical* for a question to need two to four days to get answered. So you should wait at least a couple of days. In these message boards, with their high rate of activity, I think "reasonable time" probably means a few hours, at most.<BR><BR>Hokay?<BR><BR><BR>

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