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    adam stokes Guest

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    how can i display a message using<BR><BR>str = replace(article, vbcrlf, "&#060;.br&#062;") so that it will read my returns and use the Server.HTMLEncode(objRS("whatever")) so that it will change the &#060;.tabl html to &.lt;?<BR><BR>cause i have html that i want to be seen as text rather than performed as html, but i want the breaks to line break when needed.<BR><BR>please help me :d

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    sigma Guest

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    I am not sure whether you want help with storing the value to the database or displaying. If you have an HTML string stored in the database which you need to display as HTML on the browser, except for the linebreaks then you can do this. If this is not what you want, could you explain it a little more.<BR>article=Server.HTMLEncode(objRs("whatever "))<BR>response.write replace(article,"&amp;lt;br&amp;gt;","&lt;br&gt;")

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