Can I download the FORUM?

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Thread: Can I download the FORUM?

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    Don Lefik Guest

    Default Can I download the FORUM?

    Is it possible to download the entire ASP messageboard. I noticed that there are over 83,000 entries and think it would be easier to read them offline. I also think it would make a great reference database.

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    ASP Guest

    Default Not an answer, just a comment...

    Even thought it is searchable, I think Don has a good idea. There are many times when I have read something on here, but could never find it again. Just something simple like an access db and let us build our own searchesqueries. I can also see the bad...traffic pays the bills :-)<BR><BR>just my 2 cents.<BR>

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    It is a good idea, indeed. First off, you can search the ASPmessageboard at:<BR><BR>There are no immediate plans to do this, but I will work on a feature where folks can, perhaps, buy a CD that has a threaded, off-line forum on it, scrounged over to remove the dups, cross-posts, off-topic stuff, etc. What do you think about something like this? What would such a tool be worth? $25? $35? $45? $0?

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