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    I have a table in SQL Server 7 with the fileds<BR>tblCase<BR>CaseID int 4 Identity<BR>ClientID int 4 <BR>PrimaryIssue int 4<BR><BR>I have a asp page that creats a new record to the tblCase. Is there a way to add a new record to this table and find out what the CaseID of the new record you just add? I am doing it in ASP<BR><BR>Bill

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    cip Guest

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    There are 2 ways of doing that.<BR>1. Using a recordset and AddNew + Update and then accessing rs("CaseId") after the update<BR>2. Checking the value of @@IDENTITY set by the Sql Server to the value of the last inserted identity value.<BR>Cheers,<BR>Ciprian Miclaus

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    yea.. what he means is that when you add a new record the "recordset" is automatically set to the "last record added" so if you just do a response.write(rs("CaseId") it should print out the CaseId that you just added. but you also need to have &#060;% response.buffer = "true"%&#062; right under the VBSCRIPT HEADER TAG<BR>&#060;% @Language = "VBSCRIPT" %&#062;<BR><BR>good luck to you.

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