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    Hi <BR>I want to populate the fields of a form including, text fields, tick boxes and text areas from fields in a DB in order to make the editing of contributions to the DB easier. Information added by Joe Soap needs to be verified first before the rest of the Soaps can see it. I decided it would be a much easier option to just write it to the form, edit the form and then add it to the permanent DB with an Update (submit) button I currently have it adding fine to the temp (unverified)DB.<BR>The haunting question is "How do I fill the fields of the form from the temp DB ?" It is a syntax question.

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    Default POPulating was what I meant to type

    Please answer question in my previous message

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    if rs is your recordset, then<BR>&#060;input type=text name=user_name value="&#060;%=rs("user_name")%&#062;"&#062;<BR>

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