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    toby mills Guest

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    Hi, i posted this query on friday though was not specific enough. The problem is that i have a db storing a large quantity of data that gets updated daily. What i would like to do is to update db A with the data from db B so that db A = db A + db B. I can create a script that would do this but it would take a time and be very server intesive to run. Are there any commands to make me life easier?<BR>thanks<BR>toby

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    cip Guest

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    if you&#039re using SQL Server then you can use Data Transformation Service.

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    toby mills Guest

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    Unfortunatly i am not really a server admin kinda guy so as far as i am aware the hoster has IIS on NT, though i think it does support DTS. I equally am not familiar with the data transfomation service, how would one find out if it is installed and make use of it. Alternativly were would one find info on it.<BR><BR>Many thanks for yyour time<BR>toby

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    cip Guest

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    Well, probably they&#039re not keeping the SQL Server on the same server with the IIS (that would be really stupid), so you have to find out the ip or the host of the computer that is used as a database server. Most probably you are not an admin of that SQL Server, so you&#039ll have to install SQL Server on your machine, and launch DTS from there, and you just specify as source: your SQL Server that holds data, or you can even specify an Access mdb file that is located onto your machine, or other ODBC resource, and as destination you can specify the remote database server, and your database there, and the export it&#039ll work. Another way to achieve this is to use Query Analyzer in SQL Server and run SQL statements after connecting to the remote database server. That is if you have the SQL statements done. This also imply installing SQL Server onto your machine.<BR>Cheers,<BR>Ciprian Miclaus

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