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    Joe Telles Guest

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    I&#039ve got an ASP based questionnaire which feeds its responses (selected from drop down boxes) into an Access Database.<BR><BR>the problem i have is marking these questionnaires (about 130). Is there anyway i can use ASP and the existing connections to compare submitted information in each field to the correct responses, and provide immediate feedback on scores and which responses were wrong?<BR><BR>I don&#039t mind getting my hands dirty with VBScript or even going down a pure VB route if necessary.<BR><BR>reply to me on this forum, or e-mail directly <BR>

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    Kasper Guest

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    Here&#039s a thought : <BR><BR>in your existing dbase I understand you have all the questions in a table, and all the possible answers in another one. <BR>You populate dropdowns with the table with the answers.<BR><BR>My suggestion is to add an extra field to your &#039question&#039-table, make it for instance numeric, and add the correct answer number to it.<BR>So you have your question table, with the answers included.<BR><BR>On your asp pages you should query the results from the previous page (the dropdowns) and compare them with a recordset you generated with the questions and answers.

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    Joe Telles Guest

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    the questions are hard-coded into the ordinary HTML of the pages. the answers are submitted to the database via the use of the dropdowns (created in HTMl too, rather than being based on ASP links to databases. <BR><BR>Would the solution you (kasper) propose be viable in this setting, or would it require extensive re-working? Or is there an alternative?<BR><BR>I&#039d love to be able to give a link so you could see the site in operation, but i&#039m behind a fairly hefy University firewall.<BR><BR>

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