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    Hi friend,<BR> there&#039s something i blur about. Ok, when I upload my asp file to the sever like geoscites or any sever. How am I suppose to set the ODBC?? There&#039s no way I can set it. Is there a way of doing asp when i upload to net. And is there any additoin coding???<BR> <BR>Can anyone kindly enough to teach me???<BR><BR>Thanks.....

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    Ok, I&#039m not sure about the fact that geocities supports ASP pages, although I would be surprised if they did.<BR>Your server has to enable ASP for you (which a company as geocities wouldn&#039t do for you I guess :) )<BR><BR>Try searching for free servers that support ASP, or else you need to take a professional account with a hosting service.<BR>To get you started try www.domaindlx.com for free asp hosting with email possibilities.

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