Could responses please be emailed to me.<BR><BR>I have a number of pages on my family website. One of them is a java chat room. My sesion.timout as set in global.asa is 7 minutes. This ensures that my "WHOS ONLINE" list is fairly up to date. (i use a database table and session variables to do this). THe problem is the caht room is java and causes the page to timeout. THus...the user is removed from the active users list. I want to know if I can set the session timeout to 60 or more minutes when the enter the chat page...and reset the time to 7 minutes when they exit.<BR><BR>WILL this reset the variable?<BR>Will this affect other current sesssions?<BR>Will this affect "NEW" sessions when they start?<BR><BR><BR>In other words I want all users to have a 7 minutes session timeout unless they are chatting...then the session.timeout will be much longer. But when they leave the chat room things go back to normal. ALl along not affecting any other users session time on the website.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>Bill Burnett<BR><BR>