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    hi all!<BR> I have created a new project in V.interdev and I&#039m adding my existing asp pages to the project but when i<BR>am setting my any asp page as start page and when i run the application.i receive following error in my I.E.<BR><BR><BR>error &#039 8002802b&#039 <BR>Element not found. <BR><BR>/Protege/global.asa, line 19 <BR><BR>do i have to do or write some things in my Global.asa,if yes then what?<BR>can anyone please tell me about this.<BR>millions of thanx in advance,<BR> Regards,<BR> Vicky.

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    Default bug in Global.asa

    You have a bug in your Global.asa file.<BR><BR>Simple as that. Whether you wrote it or the idiot system wrote it, it&#039s still a bug.<BR><BR>Go edit it and look at line 19, as the message tells you.<BR><BR>If you can&#039t figure it out, then post AT LEAST the first 30 lines of your Global.asa file here for us to look at.<BR><BR>

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