mid-level asp salaries NYC?

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Thread: mid-level asp salaries NYC?

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    Mike Dangle Guest

    Default mid-level asp salaries NYC?

    Should I be accepting mid-high sixties for an asp developer position in NYC? The work I&#039m interviewing for is pretty much straight asp but some sites list seventies-eigthies.<BR><BR>Any NYC developers that can offer insight, thanks.

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    Barent Guest

    Default RE: mid-level asp salaries NYC?


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    Default Speaking of salaries...

    Is anyone aware of any good sites where one can go to evaluate their worth based on their location, programming skills, experience, etc...?

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    Default what can mid-level asp developer do?

    I want to know if I am at the mid-level.<BR>(2 years ASP coding, JavaScript, SQL server. But no COM, no Stored Procedure experience)<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR>LW

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    Default RE: Speaking of salaries...

    Are you aware of http://www.cybercoders.com/developer/salary_calc/<BR><BR>Take it, and let us know if you think the results give you a higer salary than you currently make. I know that was the case with me and some fellow coders. <BR><BR>AND, Does anyone think 65K for NYC is high, low, correct? Just wondering.<BR>

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    Done it Guest

    Default RE: Speaking of salaries...

    Don&#039t bother they are run by recruitment agencies that tell you you are worth more than you are to get you to ring them.<BR>The best thing to do is to get the best deal you can.<BR>There&#039s no harm in applying for a job that pays more than your current salary even if you don&#039t get it. If you ask why you didn&#039t get it this time you can always change your approach on the next one. The more experience you have of telling someone exactly what they want to hear the easier it is to deal.

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    SalaryHike Guest

    Default RE: what can mid-level asp developer do?

    Yep, I would say you are officially a mid-level developer. Congratulations. :)

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