What are the benefits of ASP?

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Thread: What are the benefits of ASP?

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    Hello,<BR><BR>Could some please share with me the benefits of developing web sites with ASP? I have been using JAVA & HTML to create very effective websites. I am now hearing alot of talk regarding the use of ASP to develop web sites. I AM LOST!

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    If you can use Java effectively, then there may not be any benefits in using ASP. Depends entirely on what you need to do.<BR><BR>What do you do when you need to serve up data in your current pages? Make a JDBC connection back to the DB server? The big difference in using ASP is that you would normally make an ODBC connection (no real diff between JDBC and ODBC) on the server, to the server. Sometimes, depending on what you will do with the data, this can be a real advantage.<BR><BR>But most people would argue that the advantage of ASP is that it is inherently a more "RAD" (Rapid Application Development) environment than HTML/Java, where you must depend on some sort of Java gui-builder to help you do WYSIWYG.<BR><BR>Ehhh...you takes your money and makes your choice. Both have strengths, both have weaknesses. Simple as that.<BR><BR>

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