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    D. Lowe Guest

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    Scenario: I have a user that responds to a question by filling out a single form box (textarea). I would like to process this input to determine if there are hotlinks to other parts of the site (i.e., URL&#039s to other pages, email addrs., etc.) My users shouldn&#039t need to know how to input and "a href" tag. I plan to make this a reusable function. Any insight? Much Appreciated!

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    KPW Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>For e-mail addresses, I think you could search for "@", then find the first space before and the first space after the "@" using InStrRev and InStr. The string of text in between these spaces should be an e-mail address.<BR><BR>You could probably do a similar search for .htm or .html.<BR><BR>HTH

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