Thank you Scott!<BR><BR>Article on SSI you have pointed to, solved all my problems with #include so far.<BR><BR>I tried to use in my form &#060;INPUT TYPE=TEXTAREA COLS=50 ROWS=5 WRAP=virtual&#062; tag instead of &#060;...Type=Text SIZE=50&#062; as you mentioned in other thread, but nothing positive happened. Instead, I got a shorter (about 30 chars) 1-line row window for text input.<BR><BR>Can you tell me, please, where to find more about using of this tab? Another useful article?<BR><BR>Maybe you can share with me another thing, if you have met this issue before. I would like to ask about icluding pictures of your site visitors to database and retrieving them to html pages. Where to find this info?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR><BR>Diana<BR><BR>