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    I am displaying purchase orders in a table with a recordset that populates a table with PO&#039s for vendors so that they may edit estimated delivery time. I cannot use the update method to insert the changes to the database because all db changes must be passed as a formated transaction to our ERP system. How can I retreive only the records that were edited? When I display the data to be edited, I have had to show a default date for each order, which is not always one specific date. Tried checking by if field = "" but the default date shows up and record is then considered edited. Is there a way to show a default date in the input box without it being considered the value?

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    This is just an idea: use hidden for each date, <BR><BR>&#060;input type=text name=date1...&#062;<BR>&#060;input type=hidden name=hidden1...&#062; <BR>numbers may be given using &#060;%=idx%&#062;<BR><BR>in case that date was changed activate onchange event and change the hidden to "edited" or something. then you just have to check which hiddens were changed.<BR><BR>There is only one problem if someone edits the date and then immidiatly clicks on submit Onchange may not be fired. So you might want to use onmousedown or onkeypressed (i&#039m not sure they are called exectly like this).<BR><BR>If it is not clear, let me know, I&#039ll be more specific

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