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    Willie Guest

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    I connect via Client Access ODBC to an AS/400 database and I do a join of over 8 tables to get various information. Currently the execution of that statement takes over 25 seconds. In addition my clients are in Asia, so you can add another 15 seconds for the data to go across the wire. I&#039m trying to trim down the latency for the sql statement, ANY ideas? I&#039m not opposed to even a batch process to populate a ACCESS database with the data from the web ( Which is what it looks like I may have to do) But, I would like to get the performance increase and still get live data. Would linking the tables into access help move some of the latency on the back end or just add another step in the app?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>willie<BR>

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    MG Guest

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    Don&#039t use Access to do anything except be a temp holding place. How about writing the query in AS/4000 to populate the file then query that file. Then you would get the speed of the AS/400 to do the query and the speed of having only one table to query for your final output. You could have the AS/400 setup to run the query on a schedule.<BR>MG

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