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    I want to put an application on my web site which ppl can download form there.Now this exe file do that it get some value from the client side and send it back to the site from where it has been downloaded.<BR>now what I have to do in that application so that It can communicate to its parent site just like Yahoo messenger,as Yahoo messenger is downloaded to the client it executes there and is full in touch with the server, who is that done.<BR>Looking for prompt reply.<BR>Rick

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    I am not sure I understand the sentence "Now this exe file do that it get some value ...", but I&#039ll give it a try...<BR><BR>All you need to do is write an application that uses TCP (more reliable) or UDP (faster) to communicate back to the host. Your app can communicate with the web server on port 80, or you can create a custom app for the server which will listen on just about any port. Your app (on the client side) could send requests for updates, could send info from the client&#039s machine, etc. with this type of a set-up.<BR><BR>It&#039s fairly straightforward.<BR><BR>Hope this helps!<BR><BR>

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