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    I&#039m developing a web interface for a vb/oracle application.<BR>I would like to use a "constants" class that was created for the vb app to maintain global constants and instantiate it on each page when needed(not retain it at session or application level). However, I understand that all classes developed for the web should be stateless. Would use of this constants class introduce a scalability issue?

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    Constants aren&#039t really state, because they don&#039t represent the state of the object at a given time.<BR><BR>However, I&#039m not sure that this is going to be more efficient than using Application level variables or just #including a bunch of VBScript CONST declarations. VBS handles constants pretty efficiently, but there is a performance hit for creating an object and another hit every time you marshall any data to or from it. That&#039s fair enough if it&#039s performing some hardcore networking or processor-intensive business logic, but for a simple constant declaration I don&#039t think it&#039s a good idea.<BR><BR>Dunc

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