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    I am not even sure where to ask this i will start here.<BR><BR>I have an ASP page that is hitting an Oracle database. Some of the fields are date fields. Here is the problem that I am running into.<BR><BR>On the html form, I have to enter a date value of dd-mon-yy or else the Oracle database will not accept the format. When I use sql*plus to look at the record it appears as dd-mon-yy. On an ASP page where I later retrieve the record and look at the field with a response.write command, it comes back to me in the formation mm/dd/yy. Therefore, when I try to rewrite the record again...I get the data format error; unless I re-enter the date each time I update the record.<BR><BR>What is causing the ASP page to reformat the date file on the select statement?<BR><BR>Input for anyone having experience in this area would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Well, this works (happens to be in the middle of an insert) and it doesn&#039t matter what format the date is in.<BR><BR>"TO_DATE(&#039" & Month(Date) & "/" & Day(Date) & "/" & Year(Date) & "&#039, &#039mm/dd/yyyy&#039)"

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