Hi Guys,<BR> I did the settings for in iis/default web site properties for active log format. I mentioned<BR> dsn name(which is same dsn I am using in my site it is working fine), i created table iislog and i am using ORACLE database<BR><BR> SQL&#062; desc iislog;<BR> Name Null? Type<BR> ------------------------------- -------- ----<BR> CLIENTHOST VARCHAR2(255)<BR> CLIENTNAME VARCHAR2(255)<BR> LOGTIME DATE<BR> SERVICE VARCHAR2(255)<BR> MACHINE VARCHAR2(255)<BR> SERVERIP VARCHAR2(50)<BR> PROCESSINGTIME NUMBER(4)<BR> BYTESRECVD NUMBER(4)<BR> BYTESSENT NUMBER(4)<BR> SERVICESTATUS NUMBER(4)<BR> WIN32STATUS NUMBER(4)<BR> OPERATION VARCHAR2(255)<BR> TARGET VARCHAR2(255)<BR> PARAMETERS VARCHAR2(255)<BR><BR> the user name,password is which is same as Oracle user name and password.<BR> When i browse values are not entering into the table. If i set the active log format for w3c<BR> extended text log format values are entering perfectly in to the notepad. can any body help for<BR> this problem.