FOR THOSE OF YOU FAMILIAR WITH CRYPTO OBJECT 1.0 <BR>( ASP script problems with CryptoObject<BR><BR>I am having the same problem as Steve (see below: have the downloaded trial<BR>version of CryptoObject 1.0, works fine in VB Code, fails in ASP page). I<BR>applied the RevertToSelf() (as suggested by CyptoObject support), (see<BR>sample of code below) but am still getting the same problem:<BR><BR> Dim strMsg<BR> Dim objCryptoObject<BR><BR> On Error Resume Next<BR> Set objCryptoObject = CreateObject("CryptoObject")<BR> objCryptoObject.CryptRevertToSelf()<BR> If Not IsEmpty(objCryptoObject) Then<BR> Dim objCryptoProvider<BR> Set objCryptoProvider = objCryptoObject.CryptAcquireContext(<BR>, , PROV_RSA_FULL, 0)<BR> If IsEmpty(objCryptoProvider) Then<BR> Set objCryptoProvider =<BR>objCryptoObject.CryptAcquireContext( , , PROV_RSA_FULL, <BR>CRYPT_NEWKEYSET)<BR> End If<BR><BR>Is there something else I need to do? Thank you for your time and efforts.<BR><BR>-Dedrick Henry<BR><BR><BR><BR>On 2000-03-28 22:16:11, CryptoObject Support wrote:<BR>&#062;The problem is that the CryptoAPI calls are attempting to access the<BR>registry, but do not have sufficient access. The trick is to call<BR>objCryptoObject.RevertToSelf(). This elevates the security level so as to<BR>allow registry access.<BR>&#062;<BR>&#062;Another option is to place the CryptAcquireContext() within GLOBAL.ASA and<BR>just save the provider to an application variable.<BR>&#062; Set Application("CryptoProvider") = objCryptoProvider<BR>&#062;GLOBAL.ASA seems to run at a higher privilage level, so you may not need to<BR>call CryptRevertToSelf(). Just make sure to use CRYPT_MACHINE_KEYSET.<BR>&#062;<BR>&#062;Paul Rony<BR>&#062;CryptoObject Support<BR>&#062;<BR>&#062;<BR>&#062;On 2000-03-28 02:16:50, Steve wrote:<BR>&#062;&#062;I have downloaded your demo version as I want to use the CryptoAPI on my<BR>ASP pages. Although your object works well in VB code, the<BR>CryptAcquireContext call fails on the ASP page. I am using IE5 - am I<BR>missing some vital setup info here? ( I have tried using the object with and<BR>without SSL).<BR><BR>----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Users Guide<BR>contains important info including how to unsubscribe. Save time, search<BR>the archives at<BR>