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    I have a JavaScript that pops up a window when a user leaves the page he/she is in, BUT, i put a Disable function in all my links on the page to disable this pop up when they use one of my links.<BR><BR>PROBLEM: I use Submit buttons created dynamically in ASP to display on the page. How do I tag the Submit buttons with the function.<BR><BR>Here is an example of what I do in HTML and Java Script:<BR><BR><BR>-------------------------------------------------------<BR>&#060;body onUnload="cleanUp()"&#062;<BR>-------------------------------------------------------<BR>I MODIFY THE BUTTONS&#039LINKS AND LINKS IN THE FOLLOWING WAY:<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------<BR>1) FIRST OPTION:<BR>original: &#060;a href=""&#062;go to eActive&#060;/a&#062;<BR>modified: &#060;a href="" onClick="SetToFalse()"&#062;go to mypage&#060;/a&#062;<BR><BR>2) SECOND OPTION:<BR>original: &#060;a href="javascript:doSomething()"&#062;go to mypage&#060;/a&#062;<BR>modified: &#060;a href="javascript:SetToFalse();doSomething()"&#062; go to mypage&#060;/a&#062;<BR>------------------------------------------------------------<BR><BR>Any help please!<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Johann

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    Hi Johann,<BR>I am not sure I understand your question but maybe the answer is to add your setToFalse function call to the onSubmit event of the form.<BR>I hope this helps, otherwise maybe you can clarify your question.<BR>Michal M

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