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    I have a series of forms that interact with a database. I have the user entering in a date using a series of select boxes (month, day, year)and I turn it into a date using the dateserial function. When I retrieve it from the database, I want to display it in a different series of select boxes (month, day, year). How do you take the date apart again?

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    My recommendation would be to use the split function:<BR><BR>strDate = RS("dateValue")<BR><BR>dateArray = split(strDate, "/")<BR>For counter = 0 to UBound(dateArray)<BR>Next<BR><BR>When you display the values, you just use the array:<BR>Month = &#060;%=dateArray(0)%&#062;<BR>Day = &#060;%=dateArray(1)%&#062;<BR>Year = &#060;%=dateArray(2)%&#062;<BR><BR>Hope this works for you.

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    LeeAnnie,<BR><BR>It worked great, thanks for your help!

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