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    I created a listbox (Let&#039s call it QueryFilter) with ASP which populates from a database. It populates fine in both IE and Netscape. When a user selects from this list it runs a query and pulls data from the same database. This too, works well in both browsers.<BR><BR>But when I created a third page in ASP which prompts the user to choose the field they want and then populates the box accordingly,Nescape wouldn&#039t create the subsequent list box (QueryFilter), which uses the same methods as it&#039s predecessor, minus the page which give the user of selecting which column from the database will populate it.<BR><BR>Anyway, if the specifics of this make sense to anyone, they are invited to share a tip. However, any tips on dealing with browser incompatiblity (especially with respect to forms) would be most appreciated.<BR><BR><BR>

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    My two cents...<BR><BR>This may be way off base, but one thing which always nabbed me with NN/IE issues was that Netscape doesn&#039t show form elements UNLESS there exists a &#060;FORM>...&#060;/FORM> tag around them. For example:<BR><BR>&#060;HTML><BR>&#060;BODY><BR>&#06 0;INPUT TYPE=TEXT SIZE=30><BR>&#060;/BODY><BR>&#060;/HTML><BR><BR>Would display a text input box in IE, but not in NN. To get it to work with NN, you&#039d need to add:<BR><BR>&#060;HTML><BR>&#060;BODY><BR>&#060;FO RM><BR>&#060;INPUT TYPE=TEXT SIZE=30><BR>&#060;/FORM><BR>&#060;/BODY><BR>&#060;/HTML><BR><BR>Hope this helps!

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