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    Lynn Owens Guest

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    is it possible to send a file using asp?

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    omc Guest

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    Yes. I just worked on a project where I had to allow the users to upload files. I did a lot of research on it. You need a component. Most are going to cost some money. I ended up using Software Artisan&#039s SA-FileUp because I felt it was the best. One free option I looked at was Micorsoft&#039s Posting Acceptor, but I felt it was a security risk. Plus did not work the same under MSIE and Netscape. I would really recommend the SA-FileUp. It comes with a lot of sample code, has a lot of functionality, they give lots of documentation and support from their web page (

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    Chris Martinez Guest

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    Free version available for download at:<BR><BR>Very easy to use and implement.<BR>Good luck!

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