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    I was hoping some of you could look at the following and tell me your opinion of the hours involved to do what was asked. I had a client that was being advised by someone who "knew how to do it" but wouldn&#039t and therefore was telling me how long it should take to complete even though I disagreed and would not allow myself to be bound to it. If you could see what was needed and the hours he said it should take, please respond to me offline to let me know your opinions on it and how long it would take you to complete something like this. Thanks. Here&#039s what he said:<BR><BR>"In technical terms, I&#039ve been told that; Implement fully customizable survey/poll pages with auto generating graphical results, basic threaded message board and client controlled third party chat rooms, contest pages with submission forms, shopping cart to handle up to 100 items, and installation and integration of fully featured, completely customizable, threaded & password protected message board/forum script including multiple forums, password protected web control panel, may take 20 hours."<BR><BR>He forgot to mention customer registration and login in addition to these other requirements.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for any responses. You may send them to me at<BR><BR><BR>

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    I assume you are being sarcastic, making a joke? I tell you, I am laughing out loud right now.<BR><BR>Tee hee... You&#039re looking at MONTHS of work. I&#039ve been using ASP for over two years, and I like to think myself pretty good at it and quite expedient in writing code... and I think that would literally take months of work if I was to do it on my own. Months....

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