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Thread: Problem running ASP pages on my computer

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    Hi,<BR><BR>Note: Please mail the solution to me at<BR><BR>I am a new aspirant in the ASP field and facing a problem while running ASP&#039s on my system.<BR>I have a computer with Win98,PIII,64 mb RAM,with visual studio 6.0 installed fully (with Visual Interdev) and i have installed <BR>Personal Web server on my system. Then to if i make a ASP page <BR>in my system and save it in any of the drives avaiable and then<BR>double click it to run the page. The IE 5.0 does not opens that page, same thing happens in Visual Interdev where while making a ASP page if i try to view it in Browser then it does not turn up.<BR>The last thing which happens is that IE 5.0 flashes a dialog box and closes it without asking any options .But the situation does not ends up here if i try to open a ASP which was installed in the inetput directory , the ASP page available there runs normally.<BR><BR>Please suggest what should i do to run the Page directly as we run the HTML pages by double clicking or opening in the IE 5.0.<BR><BR>Currently i am on the way to complete the new book "Sams Teach Yourself ASP 3.0 in 21 Days" and it gave no help to me in solving this problem.<BR><BR><BR>

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    Hi there!<BR><BR>You must surf into your ASP-pages!<BR>The best way doing that may be if you save your ASP-pages<BR>into the wwwroot-catalog in your harddrive. Then open the<BR>browser and type:<BR><BR>The wwwroot-catalog was installed with the PWS and must be<BR>there. As you know ASP-pages need an server to work, and<BR>the wwwroot is your server.<BR><BR>Best luck!<BR>Torbjorn

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