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    Victor Rigole Guest

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    I&#039m new to ASP and need some help with loading data into an Array/table on the screen/form. I would like to be able to read a file on the server, provide a list of names and zip codes from the file in a list on the screen, and allow the user to select various entries and then write those selected out to a table on the server. <BR><BR>Can a radio button be used to provide the user a means of selecting the data and if so how can this be doen? If a name is selected I need to be able to determine this and write all selected names in the table to a file on the server. Any idea of how this can be accomplished is greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR>

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    balletchick Guest

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    You will need to learn quite a bit about HTML (specifically forms and tables), as well as database manipulation in order to perform these tasks. <BR><BR>Yes, radio buttons could be used, but in this case a &#039checkbox&#039 would probably be more appropriate to the task.<BR><BR>It sounds more like you are asking someone to go ahead and create this application for you. If that is the case, my rate for this type of work is $100/hour. If you are interested, reply to this message and I&#039ll give you my email address.<BR><BR>

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